Advocate Sponsorship - BMS Group

Formed in 1980, BMS Group is a leading global broker that employs more than 520 exceptional people around the world. Its customers receive specialist insurance, reinsurance and capital markets advisory services. The Canadian chapters of BMS Group, centered in Ottawa and Vancouver, serve more than 100 associations and organizations industry leading customer care in risk management services and progressive member insurance programs. Like Western Financial Group, BMS Group is a champion when it comes to making a difference in the communities in which their staff live and work. 

Donating as a corporate sponsor and by contributing to our Annual Auction, the BMS Group has been a huge support to the Communities Foundation over the years.

On behalf of Western, thank you to the BMS Group for supporting our Western Financial Group Communities Foundation with a $10,000 Advocate Sponsorship donation.

This investment in the Foundation will assist us in developing the leaders of the future through student bursaries and strengthening our communities via infrastructure grants.

As well, donations and givebacks help us take care of those in need during challenging times.