How We Help

Our mission

Because we care, we support causes that matter most to our customers, people and the diverse communities we serve

The Western Financial Group Communities Foundation was created for employees to express appreciation and demonstrate our support for the communities where we live and work.

Infrastructure Grant Program

Infrastructure Grant Program

The Community Infrastructure Grant program consists of 3 different Infrastructure Grants that provide our communities with a chance to be awarded  $5,000 to support a major community infrastructure project for renovation or construction of a community's publicly owned asset (e.g. arena, park, library, community hall, pool, etc.). 

Matching Grants

Hero Program 

To recognize the employees who are the spirit of the Foundation and give to causes that are important to them. 

Goal Achievers Community Program

Support the Cause Fundraising Campaign 

Branches choose charities that are important to them and fundraise for this cause. 

Western Inspirational Award

Western Inspirational Award 

The Western Inspirational award is a bursary given to a local high school graduates in communities that are served by Western Financial Group and it's divisions.

2022 Funds Raised to Date